Grace Z44 Hand Quilting Frame

Grace Z44 Hand Quilting Frame

Hand Quilting Frame. Perfect for basting quilts prior to machine quilting.


Grace Z44 Hand Quilting Frame - SOLD
New and Unused - was £600 new!
If you're looking to hand quilt or baste your quilt prior to machine quilting we can highly recommend this quilting frame. Well built and flexible it will provide a quilter with years of use. When not required it can be folded up and stored (hanging on the wall of a garage for example). Quilts can be basted using a tack gun or adding hand basting stitches.
This is a perfect frame for a sitdown longarm quilter who doesn't have space to have a longarm quilting frame up permanently but who is looking to baste their quilt (without painful knees or back!) You can quilt or baste up to 108" quilts on the frame.

The Z44 Grace Frame was their top of the range hand quilting machine. It is now discontinued as Grace have now stopped producing their wooden quilting frames. 

Grace described it as follows:

The Z44 is our top of the line hand quilting frame, as well as the most adjustable frame on the market. You can set the included height-adjustable legs to your level without the need of any tools! The work area also tilts to six different angles, letting you work in comfort. The Z44 is also durable and designed to withstand heavy use. Made with a beautifully crafted Baltic Birch wood, this is yet another way Grace quilting frames combine style and functionality.

  • Highlights

  • Sets up in crib, twin, queen and king sizes

  • Tilt adjustable work area (6 angles)

  • Folds for convenient storage

  • 50-tooth ratchets provide superior tension

Adjust your frame from crib (59”) to twin (73"), to queen (98”) to king (108") working areas. There are six different tilt positions so it can be used very comfortably. 

There are  You Tube videos on how to load a Grace frame for quilting and various hand quilting techniques using a frame. Visit the Grace Frame Channel for more information. 

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