The customer Machine Timing Kit is for customers who feel confident resetting the timing on their machine. We do not recommend this kit for all customers.  If you are close enough to us or an approved Handi Quilter engineer you should have them set your timing. If you are remote from us and have attended our timing your machine course this kit is what you will need to do so. It includes a DVD, tools and instructions on how you can do it yourself.


Setting the timing is not complex but it does require skill, understanding, precision and patience to get it right. If timing is performed incorrectly the machine can skip stitches or shred threads or possible cause damage to expensive parts such as the hook assembly.


There are some online videos that you can view prior to purchasing the kit to check that you would be confident undertaking the work yourself. If you attend one of our training courses (available from 2018 onwards) we will have kits available for customers to purchase.


Pre-timing check

The machine must be in good mechanical condition for the timing adjustments to be set effectively. Use the following guidelines when checking the condition of the machine:


  • Machine must not have any play or unnecessary movement in the hook shaft or timing belts.
  • Machine must have immediate transfer of motion from the hand wheel and main shaft through the machine to the hook shaft and hook. Test this by holding the hook firmly with one hand while rocking the hand wheel with the other. The hook should move immediately and without any delay when the hand wheel is rocked.
  • The needle bar must not have excessive play, or unnecessary movement in the lower bushing, to the left or right or from front to back, when in the lower position as this will affect the relationship to the hook and prevent accurate adjustment.
  • The needle (new and tested for straightness) should be relatively centred in the needle plate.


If the machine has any of the above undesirable conditions or problems, is not in good working order, or needs service, contact us rather than attempting to time the machine yourself. Accurate timing is not possible on a machine with any of these issues. 

Customer Timing Kit

SKU: QM49400
  • To place an order call 01386 462218 or email

  • Contents of the HQ Machine Timing Kit (QM49400)


    Loop lift feeler guage

    Loop Lift Clamp

    2mm ball point hex wrench

    2mm hex driver

    2..5mm hex driver

    #3 flat screwdriver

    Instruction Manual

    Timing DVD


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