Needles - Package of 20 (18/110-R, Sharp)


See Information on Image for this product for which threads to use with this needle.


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Needles - Package of 20 (18/110-R, Sharp)

  • HQ Recommended Needles

    All HQ machines use the 134 needle system from the CANU family 20:05. CANU Is a numbering system which categorises needles with the same specifications or characteristics: such as length, butt to eye, shank size, shank type (flat or round shank), etc.


    Handi Quilter offers three types of long arm needles in this system:

    • Standard Long Arm Needles,

    • Ball Point Long Arm Needles, and

    • High Speed Long Arm Needles.


    HQ has tested and sells sizes: 12/80, 14/90, 16/100, 18/110 and 20/120 in the 134 needle system with the machined scarf. The Standard and the Ball Point are used in the Sweet Sixteen, Simply Sixteen and the Avante.


    • The Standard Long Arm Needle letter (R) refers to the needle point, a sharp point needle.


    •   The Ball Point Long Arm Needle letter (FG) refers to the needle point, a ball point needle. Ball point needles are for use with knits (such as T-shirt quilts or Minkee-type fabrics).


    •  The High Speed Long Arm Needle letter (MR) for scarf and (R) for point, has also been tested by HQ. It is sold in sizes: 12/80, 14/90, 16/100, 18/110, 19/120, and 21/130 in the 134MR needle system with bent scarf, sometimes referred to as a crank needle with a (R) sharp point. This high-speed needle has less deflection than other longarm needles and is recommended for sustained high speed quilting of 2000 stitches per minute or greater with longarm quilting machines that use the 134 needle system.  The MR needle is what is supplied with the Infinity machine.


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