A Longarm Is Within Your Reach...


Pinhole Quilting sell, support, service and train quilters on Handi Quilter Longarm Machines.

A Centre of Excellence for Longarm Machine Quilting

Handi Quilter is the most successful worldwide supplier of longarm quilting machines and are clear leaders in their field. More Handi Quilters are sold in the UK than all other brands - contact us today to find out why.

Handi Quilter's success has been built upon product development and innovation but just as importantly, on exceptional customer service, support, education and training.

Pinhole Quilting are the only specialist longarm company in the UK. 

Customer Service

“This is a great company who really know, understand and put into practice the phrase "good customer service". Liz and Pete are always quick to respond either by phone or email to any questions and queries, and they are so helpful. I always feel they want me to be happy with my purchase, and I certainly am..” 

—  Sue, Leeds


Longarm Quilting. Inspiration. Creativity. Education.

Our focus is about you getting the maximum enjoyment and creative inspiration from your machine in a way that will enhance your creative endeavours.

There are seven Longarm Machines in the Handi Quilter range. You can read more about them in the Longarms Tab. We're confident that there is a machine in the range that will be suitable for you. We have installed Handi Quilter Longarm machines for:


  • professional quilters who finish pieced tops for patchworkers and piecers, including our own Educator Abigail Sheridan de Graaff (Cutandalter) 

  • machine quilters who want to finish their own quilts

  • hobby quilters who have found their domestic machine is just not up to the task

  • quilt artists like Handi Quilter Ambassadors Pauline Burbidge and Hilde van Schaardenburg.

  • professional quilt-makers like Handi Quilter Ambassador and Educator Lynda Jackson and Handi Quilter Ambassador Stuart Hillard 

  • quilters who produce quilts for fabric companies, demonstrate on TV and You Tube and who need to be able to finish their quilts quickly and easily choose Pro-Stitcher, Handi Quilter's Computerised Quilting System. It's a massive time-saver. Pro-Stitcher is fully CE certified and is  fully integrated software with all of the standup longarm machines providing huge functionality and creativity.

  • quilt shops who rent time out on their longarms so that you too can..