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Foundation Workshops

Foundation Workshops run at our Pinhole Quilting Showroom and are usually included as part of the purchase of your Handi Quilter machine. We understand how important it is that we don't just sell "boxes", but instead provide a solid foundation in the new skills, techniques and tips that will set you up for maximum enjoyment of your new hobby or business.

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2023 Workshop Dates

Foundation Workshops

10th March

13th March

14th March

25th April

21st September

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Rulers Feathers and Fills

Moving onto the "fun stuff"!

Playing with threads, rulers, basic feather designs and fill designs and techniques are covered in this hands on practical full-day workshop. This is a great follow-on day either with your Foundation Workshop or later when you want to build on your skills.

Visit our Website for Booking Details

2023 Workshop Dates

15th March

26th April

22nd September

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International Ambassador 

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Priority is given to Handi Quilter Owners for these events.

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