There are so many great websites, supplier websites with information and blogs out there.

Here are some of our favourites for you to explore.

Visit our Online Shopping Basket for all your Handi Quilter Frame accessories, machine quilting accessories, Handi Quilter Feet,  Glide Thread, Groz Beckert and Schmetz Industrial Needles for your Handi Quilter longarm, Cindy Needham Templates and other stencils and various Marking Pens and Pencils including Bohin Chalk Markers. Plus an inspiring selection of Dream Big Panels.

For so many resources - Forums, Educations, Product Information, subscribing to their mailing lists etc

Huge selection of patchwork and quilting supplies

Beautiful threads. Very connected to quilters and thread artists. Very good threaducation. Recommended. We like their prewound decobob. You can buy Wonderfil from The Cotton Patch or at shows - they attend a lot of shows in the UK.

Lovely threads and some very good online resources. They do a newsletter. King Tut works very well on the top for quilting. Bottom Line is great in the bobbin if you wind your own bobbins. You can buy many of the Superior Threads products from The Cotton Patch.

We first discovered Glide thread when we took a class with Kimmy Brunner. You can find a large range of Glide Threads on our website. Recommended threads are Glide for the top and Magna Glide or Magna Soft in the bobbin.

Hey why not go direct to see Kimmy's site - you can find it here. Kimmy is a brilliant teacher and if you can get to take a class with her do it! Kimmy has rulers for longarm quilting. Quilts ona Handi Quilter

We love Jamie Wallen's style of quilting and teaching. Super nice guy, excellent teacher and very talented quilter. He does his own rulers which have handles and are easy to use.

Inspiring quilting. Great resources and newsletter that you can sign up to. Lisa has her own range of rulers. Great at quilt design with DVDs that show you how.

Kelly Cline is an amazing quilter. She uses vintage fabrics within her quilts to great effect. Sign up to her newsletter to stay in touch with someone who is very innovative and at the top of her game. Inspiring. Quilts on a Handi Quilter​

Angela Walters is fun, funny and a talented quilter. She has been quilting quilts for Tula Pink for a number of years so if you've seen Tula's quilts at Festival of Quilts you've seen Angela's quilting. She's really quite good. Did I mention she's funny too...

Karlee started off working at Handi Quilter building quilting machines. But the artist in her just had to get out - she came to the UK in 2015 and showed us an amazing style of quilting she termed Grafitti Quilting - fun, free and with lots of expression and creativity. Check out her website for her latest creations and digital designs.

Debby has taught in the UK before (and we're planning to have her over here again). She has an informative blog. I like that Debby teachers you to quilt like you - not Debby Brown. In other words you'll learn the tips and techniques to develop your own style. Oh and if you want to know anything about Ribbon Candy or any products in the Hello Kitty range, Debby is your woman.

Inspiring Websites

BethanneNemesh / White Arbor Quilting

An exceptional award-winning quitler. Book just launched. Won at APQS Lancaster Show  2017 - Best Longarm Machine Quilting, AQS Quilt Week Lancaster, 2017 with her quilt Into The Westward Sun. If you are loooking for inspiration -

Laurie Tigner Designs FacebookPage

Stunning Designs - Award Winning Quilter. Uses Inktense Pencils.

Helen Godden

Helen can often be seen on Handi Quilter videos showing how to use the Sweet Sixteen. She can create the most amazing works of art on her Sweetie. To learn more about Helen and her quilting visit her website -