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Sure Foot Ruler Foot

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Handi Quilter have launched a new ruler foot called "Sure Foot". It's extra deep to protect your needle from unintended wayward rulers coming into contact with the needle. This is a good thing and especially so useful if you're new to using rulers or have ever knocked your timing out and don't want to do it again.

If your machine isn’t already fitted with the Handi Feet mount, you need to purchase the Handi Feet Conversion kit to upgrade your machine to use the Handi Feet. Any machines purchased from 2015 onwards will have the right foot. For earlier machines the Conversion Kit is priced £82 and includes a standard foot and open toe foot. All the other Handi Feet such as the Glide Foot, Echo Feet, etc can easily be exchanged using an allen key once it is installed.

Recommended. Use with the Ruler Base for the Simply Sixteen, Avante and Infinity.

TruStitch Stitch Regulation

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TruStitch is the most technologically advanced way to sit-down free motion quilt with stitch-regulation.


TruStitch works with both Handi Quilter's HQ Sweet Sixteen and the Pfaff Powerquilter (made by Handi Quilter).  These are the best machines for quilters to tackle large quilting projects with a longarm sit-down machine.

With the introduction of TruStitch™, quilters can create quilt designs with beautifully even stitches. We just know that you will love this companion for your HQ Sweet Sixteen or Pfaff Powerquilter.

It works brilliantly with rulers. As you slow down, your stitch length is maintained.

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