HQ Sweet Sixteen Longarm Sitdown
Sweet Sixteen with Original Table

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Sitdown

The Best Selling Sit-Down Longarm Machine on the Market Today.

The Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen has proved to be a classic in the Handi Quilter range. It fits into even the smallest of quilters rooms. In 2021 Handi Quilter added the option of InSight stitch regulation to the Sweet Sixteen. This gives built in stitch regulation within table through two sensors instead of  an add on dongle through what was called TruStitch which helped the user maintain a regular stitch through moving the dongle with the quilt.


It is most definitely the most technologically advanced way to sit-down free motion quilt with stitch regulation. Handi Quilter's Sweet Sixteen is simply the best way for quilters to tackle projects with a sit-down machine. Quilters are able to create quilt designs with beautifully even stitches. It is very intuitive. Now you can just think about your creativity and not about your stitch length!

So now you have the choice of the original height-adjustble table option, add-on Tru-Stitch or the NEW option of InSight Table with built in Stitch Regulation. In both the latter two options you can revert to manual mode at any time and you also have the option of doing basting stitches.

On the new InSight table castors can be fitted instead of feet which makes it easy to move around your workroom. There is also the option of drawers on either or both sides on the InSight Table. They are very useful, the depth of the table and smooth in operation.


On either table fold-down tables can be fitted to either or both sides. They give an additional 18" of space at each side. They are specific to the machine however so if you decide to upgrade you will need to get new side tables.


All our prices include delivery to most parts of the UK. This is a self-install item. The price includes a FREE Foundation Workshop at our Pershore, Worcestershire, England Showroom where we'll show you how to make the most of your new machine. This is part of the education and training that we place great emphasis on at Pinhole Quilting. 


Are you an existing Sweet Sixteen Owner?

This upgraded InSight table is also available to existing Sweet Sixteen owners. The InSight table and TruStitch will work without the need for software upgrades or changes for Sweet Sixteens produced from November 2014 onwards. If you would like to check if your machine will work please email us. If you have a Sweet Sixteen made before this time we may be able to upgrade the software to work with InSight. There is a charge for this but it will also give you the functions of basting stitch, low bobbin alarm and an improved front screen interface. 


Sweet Sixteen with Original Table - £5,495

Our most popular option.

Includes Bobbinwinder,

The perfect size longarm for even the smallest sewing room! Add side tables that can fold down when not in use.


Delivery to most UK destinations included in price for all of these options.


Other destinations - contact us with your details for a quote.

Sweet 16 6 e.jpg

Sweet Sixteen with Original Table + TruStitch Stitch Regulation - £5,995

Quilt up to King Size with this Stitch Regulated Sitdown Longarm. 16" of throat space and stitch regulation with TruStitch Stitch regulated dongle, Overlay and Table Clamps. 

Bobbinwinder included with all our Handi Quilter machines.

Shipping to most UK destinations is included.

Sweet Sixteen with InSight Table

Sweet Sixteen with InSight Table - Stitch Regulation built in! £6,495

Makes quilting so intuitive. Quilters LOVE InSight! Just quilt! 

Add side tables if you wish to either or both sides and drawers too!


The super smooth surface allows your quilt to move seamlessly and easily. This is how quilting should be.


Book your appointment now and take a Sweet Sixteen for a Test Drive.


The perfect longarm for any sewing space.

It's Sweet!


TruStitch is perfect for free-motion quilters of all levels from beginner to advanced. It is easy to learn and operate the system, and achieves consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed. 

InSight Table
& Upgrade Options

Make it yours!

Extra side tables

and Drawers

Sweet Sixteen Manual

Like to read the manual? Then you can find it here. 

The Sweet Sixteen User Manual.

Read all about it.