Handi Quilter Videos

Dealing with Fullness On Your Quilt

Getting rid of excess fabric to ensure a tuck-free result

Microhandles Techniques on Handi Quilter Avante, Fusion and Infinity

Small is Beautiful

Maintenance - You Know You Ought To..

But how often, where and how!

Using the Sure Foot Ruler

The new Sure Foot Ruler provides more protection for your needle. It's a great add-on even for experienced users as Lynda Jackson explains..

Finishing Sewing on a Sitdown Longarm - Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and Pfaff powerquilter 16.0

When you finish quilting sew a few microstitches and then bring your bobbin thread up. This video shows you how.

Starting to Sew on a Sitdown Longarm Machine - Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen or Pfaff powerquilter 16.0

Starting to sew means pulling up the bobbin thread, sewing a few securing stitches and then quilting. Here we show you how.

Starting and Stopping on a Longarm Frame System

Pulling up the bobbin thread, starting and stopping

Maintenance of your Handi Quilter or Pfaff powerquilter 16.0 Machine

There isn't a lot of maintenance to do but make sure you do it - your machine will love you forever

Tension! Watch this video for how to set the tension on your machine.

Getting the tension right is so important - this video shows you how. Thank you to Jamie Wallen for this vid!

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