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One on One and Virtual Training

Our One on One and Virtual Training is a great way to improve your longarm quilting skills from the comfort of your own home.


What is a One on One?

A One on One can be as simple as setting up a Zoom session and talking through the agreed subjects. More often it will be a mix of discussions and practical exercises or demonstrations.

How does it work?

Sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Pick from a suggested menu of skill builder sessions or perhaps you have specific questions that we can focus on. We start with a free consultation in which we'll agree on the areas for your One on One and the time required to complete the session. We'll confirm the session plan and the cost of the session and fix a date. We'll do this over the phone and/or by email.

The Educator will send you a Zoom link before the session. You click on the link and your Zoom session will start. Zoom is very easy to use software (which is why it's so popular!) You will need a WiFi signal that reaches your sewing room. We know this can be a challenge in some parts of the country. This can be tested in advance if you are not sure if it will work. You may find it easier to get a 4G signal and use your phone as a hotspot for a tablet. The size of a tablet screen, laptop or desktop are easier to see and has more functionality than a phone. 

For a tablet or phone you will find it easier if you have some way of securing the device so that you don't have to hold it.


Who is it with?

The sessions will be with a trained UK Handi Quilter Educator and you will agree in advance who your session is with.

How long are the sessions?

They are tailored to you so it depends on what is required. Starting from as little as one hour, this could be just what you need to move to the next stage of your quilting journey. You may benefit from splitting it into two sessions of one hour each with an interval in between to put into practice some of the learning before reconvening for Part 2. 

Examples of One on One Sessions

Sitdown Beginner Refresher

You might have had a break from quilting and are feeling rusty.  Let's take you through the basics and get you confidently quilting again.

Sample subjects:

  • Threading up

  • Bobbin tension

  • Needle (and matching the thread to the needle)

  • Free motion quilt designs

  • Ruler work

  • Maintenance

  • Trouble-shooting tension issues

Example of Cost:

One hour session covering threading up, setting tension, ruler work and maintenance. 

Including the free initial consultation, Educator preparation and a one hour One on One session - £75 inc VAT. Additional hours at £50 inc VAT.


Pro-Stitcher Refresher

Almost all our Pro-Stitcher training takes place on Zoom now. We find that customers progress very quickly once they have understood the basics of the programme.


A one on one session could enable you to use your Pro-Stitcher for edge to edge and custom work quickly and effectively as well as cover specific questions you may have.

A refresher would be perfect for those who have bought a Pro-Stitcher secondhand, have upgraded to Pro-Stitcher Premium recently or don't feel confident stitching on their machine. 

Sample subjects:

  • Updating to the latest Pro-Stitcher version

  • Pro-Stitcher settings

  • Block designs

  • Edge to Edge 

  • Repositioning

  • Moving the quilt on

  • Thread breaks and restarting

  • Trouble-shooting 

Example of Cost:

One hour session covering Settings, setting up and stitching an edge to edge design with trouble-shooting such as thread breaks.

Including the free initial consultation, Educator preparation and the one hour One on One session - £75 inc VAT. Additional hours at £50 inc VAT.

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