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Pinhole Quilting Launched!

We are delighted to announce that we now a Distributor for Handi Quilter Long-Arm Machines. We could not wish to be associated with a more supportive, dynamic and forward-thinking company who are clear leaders in their field than Handi Quilter.

However, our focus with Pinhole Quilting is not just about selling the best longarm quilting equipment.

In fact, we have a rather greater ambition:

Our aim is to be come a European Centre of Excellence for Machine Quilting

European Centre of Excellence for Machine Quilting

A bold ambition? Certainly. An impossible ambition? Certainly not. There are good reasons why machine quilting will continue its growth in Europe and we want to play a leading part in that.​

So what do we really mean?

Our focus will be about you getting the maximum enjoyment and creative inspiration from your machine and if you're a business customer, perhaps the most efficient and productive use that produces beautiful results for your customers.

You might be an aspiring machine quilter, a hobby quilter, a celebrated quilt artist or a professional quilter. Whoever you are, we aim to provide something for you.

You don't have a Handi Quilter machine? No problem - many of our plans will involve you too:

Education, training and skills

Bringing over Handi Quilter Educators like Debby Brown, who teaches on the Sweet Sixteen, will be part of our plans.

Debby Brown Handi Quilter Educator


Inspiring quilters with pictures of what other quilters are working on, new designs and more through our Social Media links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest as well as this Blog.

Tips, Trick and Techniques

So much to learn, so much fun doing so!

Using rulers, different feet such as the Glide, Echo and Couching Feet, is all part of learning to make the most of your Handi Quilter machine. Handi Quilter make education a key part of their Retailer and Distributor commitment with good reason - great training leads to happy customers!

Shows and Exhibitions

We'll be attending a number of Shows and Exhibitions around the UK so Sign Up for our Email Newsletter so you know when we're coming to a place near you!

We're planning on being at the National Exhibition Centre in August for Festival of Quilts and we hope to see many of the existing Handi Quilter customers there as well as new ones.

Networking and Local and Regional Events

Quilters love meeting other quilters - so we'd like to hook you up.

Whether it's a Project Linus Day that we're involved with or Local and Regional Events where we're doing demonstrations they are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Quilters just like you!

Project Linus Days and Networking

Servicing and Support

Good maintenance of your machine is important. It's a big investment and we would like to help you keep it in great working order. We have trained engineers who can help with questions, repairs and maintenance of your machine to keep it in top condition.

Handi Quilter Engineer and Support

Tools and Equipment

There are lots of Tools and Equipment available for your Handi Quilter machine. Some are made by Handi Quilter and others are made by third parties who specialise in Longarm Quilting accessories such as the Line Tamer ruler, Pam Clarke accessories, etc.

Our aim is to focus on the key parts for your machine such as bobbins, bobbincase, needles, etc. If you need any of these parts by Mailorder we recommend that you visit The Cotton Patch site.

The Cotton Patch have a huge range of Handi Quilter products and accessories (as well as lots of other patchwork and quilting goodies) so head over to The Cotton Patch site if you need anything else.

Handi Quilter Rulers and Accessories for Longarm Quilting

Mentoring and Retreats!

We have lots of plans so don't forget to sign up for our Email Newsletter, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram so that you know what new exciting things we have lined up.

Happy Quilting!

Liz and Pete Holpin

Handi Quilter UK Distributor


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