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Longarm Quilt Machine Rental at Threads

Threads of Minehead have launched their Longarm Quilting Machine Rental at their shop in the centre of Minehead. The new Simply Sixteen will be used by the shop and customers to quickly and easily finish quilts.

Pete and Liz from Pinhole Quilting spent the day with over 40 customers at the shop showing them how to use the machine.

The quilt can be any size up to King Size. Loading a pre-basted quilt is easy with the clamps. It's like a big hoop so a section of the quilt is worked at a time and is then moved on.

While Pete was doing the Simply Sixteen demonstrations Liz discussed quilting techniques, marking techniques and some of the factors to take into account when deciding how to quilt your quilt.

The Simply Sixteen can be guided from the back of the machine as well as the front. From the back, customers can use some of the pantographs or Groovy Boards that Threads has in stock to complete their quilt with an edge to edge design.

Customers can use a laser light to hand guide the machine from the back to follow a pattern called a Pantograph. In this way the pattern is reproduced on the quilt as an edge to edge design. This takes a bit of practice but can be a very effective way of producing scaleable designs to fit on your quilt.

Pete demonstrated how easy it is to use the Groovy Boards from the back of the machine. A stylus fits in the groove and you move the stylus to reproduce the design on the quilt top. The stitches are regulated (from 4 to 18 stitches per inch) so it is very easy to complete the design with precision.

A beautiful space to complete your quilts!

All the customers who came were given a Handi Quilter bag ready for when they've completed their next quilt top! Or for taking to quilt shows (they are very large!!)

Liz discussing marking tools and techniques as well as quilting tips and techniques to create balance.

How to Quilt Your Quilt

Here, Gary Mills, Exmoor Inspired, who teaches dress-making and sewing at the shop, is chatting to one of the customers. Examples of quilts completed on the machine are in the background to show what can be achieved.

The lovely workroom where the Simply Sixteen can be hired by the half or full day. Jackie, who runs Threads of Minehead, is now taking bookings for an introductory class that will show customers the basics of using the machine. Once customers have completed the Introductory class they can book time on the machine to quilt their own quilts. Jackie will be on hand to help if required.

You can find out more about Threads of Mineahead at this link.

If you know a quilt shop near you that might benefit from one of our Simply Sixteen machines for renting out to their customers please ask them to get in touch with us. It's a great way for customers to finish more quilts in a creative way themselves.

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