Laurie Tigner Workshop Review

Our first International Quilt Teacher Workshops were held at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Conference Centre at the end of November 2017. We had four fabulous days of teaching by Laurie Tigner, Handi Quilter Ambassador.

It all began with two days of Feathers - the first for Beginners and the second for Intermediate/ Advanced. These classes have laid some great foundation for students who attended.

The Large Barn full of Handi Quilters!
Intense concentration!

Adjusting the quilt on the Little Foot Frame.

Margaret concentrating hard.

Sue and Olenda

Nathalie focused.

Chris with Laurie.

The Stables was perfect for drawing practice

Feathers demo

Drawing practice

Beautiful Quilter Feathers
Laurie with Jan's feathers - beautiful!

The Avante Sisters.

The Avante sisters with Curlybun!

Sandra should be looking worried - she may not get on her Avante at home! Derek proving what's good for the goose...!

Sandra looking worried!

Some beautiful feathers in the round.

Feathers practice

Prize draw winners - all from the lucky table!

Some super feathers going on here.

The Avante sisters - Curlytop, Honeybun and Curlybun. But who is who?

Feathers in the round - a technique for making sure your feathers fit perfectly.

It's not as easy as it looks!

Practising drawing feathers in the Stables before sewing out on the longarms.

Jayne doing a great circle with her bespoke template (plastic cup).

OK Brenda...are you meeting us in the bar or the restaurant?

Lis making huge progress (largest number of bobbins consumed!)