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The Virtual Quilter - You Tube and Beyond!

In this new 'virtual' world we're increasingly using our You Tube Channel. We can demonstrate how to use specific tools, discuss techniques for quilting and provide an overview of the Handi Quilter machines that we have. Plus we have created a number of playlists where we show customers how to set up and start quilting with their new Handi Quilter Longarms. We also share some of the excellent videos that are available from fellow quilters.

You Tube

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Pinhole Quilting You Tube Channel


We're doing more and more training on Zoom. In many cases that has real benefits for our customers. For example, when we're doing a Pro-Stitcher Computerised installation there is a lot to take on board. We have videos on how to install the Pro-Stitcher. Then when you're ready we do two training sessions. So, instead of a single 4-5 hours of training the training can be scheduled to fit into your time schedule. In the first session you learn how to do the basics and play for a week before doing another couple of hours a week or so later. By that time you'll have lots of questions and we're finding customers are making faster and more confident progress.

So, even though things have changed, there are some aspects of this new world that are making life easier. With a bit of initial investment in time to create the content we can share and educate customers and future customers on how to use and make the most of their Longarm Quilting Machines.

We hope to see you at our Showroom us on 01905 942972 or email to fix up your Showroom demonstration.

Watch our Introduction Video to get a sneak peek of our Pershore Showroom..

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