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Longarm Quilting Studio Open Day

Handi Quilter Educator Lynda Jackson is an experienced quilter who teaches and inspires quilters on their learning journey. She also provides a longarm quilting service from her Studio in Sheffield through her business Capricorn Quilting.

If you have every wondered what happens when you send your quilt to a Longarm Quilter, well now is the chance to find out.

Lynda is hosting a Longarm Quilting Studio Open Day on Saturday 21 January from 10am – 4pm. It's an opportunity to go along and see the Handi Quilter Longarm machine, different styles of quilting and perhaps have a little go yourself. There will also be a table top sale with bargain fabrics and of course plenty of tea, coffee and cakes.

You can find Lynda's Studio at Capricorn Quilting, SOAR Centre, Knutton Road, Sheffield S5 9NU.

Lynda is an award winning quilter. You will be able to see some of her work, including the quilt featured here which is her latest creation, on display at her studio.

For this quilt Lynda used a fabric piece that she dyed herself, which was then quilted on her Handi Quilter Avante.

Micro quilting on the Handi QuilterHQ18 Avante

The threads used were Fil Tec Glide and Superior Threads MicroQuilter threads.

The patterns created by the dye were used as the basis on which to create the quilting designs. All the quilting is hand guided throughout and the designs are original and created by Lynda.

There are three layers of wadding in this quilt and this gives it that lovely faux trapunto look. The background fills are micro quilted and you can see just how small it gets from the photo of the sewing needle point laid next to it.

This quilt will be on show later in the year at a number of places so keep an eye out for it.

Back of the quilt

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