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Threads Through Revelation

Creativity is within all of us. But sometimes it needs the tools and techniques to realise it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqui Parkinson and her husband Andrew a few years ago as they were thinking about purchasing the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. Jacqui is a textile artist and at that point in time did not have a large machine that could handle the size of textiles and quilts that she wanted to work with.

Fast forward four years and we see the results of Jacqui being able to work in a way that would not have been possible on a domestic machine. Creativity realised.

My husband and I are also photographers. Andrew called to tell us that Jacqui's exhibition entitled "Threads Through Revelation" was on display at Worcester Cathedral, just ten minutes drive from where we live. The Exhibition is touring a number of Cathedrals in the UK so it was great timing. We had just taken on Handi Quilter, and the exhibition was on the doorstep. So off we went to photograph it, with the permission of the Cathedral.

And what a treat it was. Fourteen huge quilted panels, superbly crafted and beautifully displayed in the ancient surroundings. Jacqui has created a fascinating interpretation of the subject, and some of the visitors we spoke to were not only in awe of the scale and creativity of the work, but were genuinely moved by it.

A visit is highly recommended so please share this post with friends, especially quilting friends, who might be interested. There is no substitute for understanding the quilts then viewing them yourself. It is on at Worcester Cathedral until 27th February 2017 but then touring across the country.

If you would like to visit the Exhibition details can be found on Jacqui's Threads Through Revelation site. Jacqui lives and works near Exeter.

To see the full exhibition please use this link to our Pinhole Images Website.

Jacqui bought the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Longarm Machine about a year before starting on "Threads through Revelation."

She says "The whole project has taken more than three years and would have been impossible without this brilliant machine. It opened up tremendous possibilities. After more than twelve million stitches it's proved to be a great highly reliable workhorse - coping with exceptional demands, stitching through many layers of fabric and providing great flexibility freeing me up to do fluid and expressive work."

"I came upon the Sweet Sixteen by chance at a Quilt Show. A very happy chance. It was a big investment but it has paid wonderful dividends for my work."

It's clear from the detail within each of the quilts how much thought has gone not only into the interpretation of the scripture from the Book of Revelation but also in selecting threads, fabric, design and texture which enhances and extends the interpretation and meaning. Each quilt at the exhibition has an accompanying explanation.

Details from some of the quilts -

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