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Stopping and Starting

We've been doing a lot of teaching to new Handi Quilter owners recently and one thing that has been really clear is that when you want to start stitching with your new longarm it's usually a whole new skill that you never previously needed.

I've been there. I was that person once too. It also took me a while to work out the whole needle down, needle up, bring up your bobbin thread thing. So I'm all sympathy when it comes to getting this right. But, there has to be a better way to learn so we filmed this at our recent customer installation in Staffordshire. This was a particularly lovely customer because she baked a cake and we got to take a slice (very large piece, like half the cake!) away with us for the journey home. Sweet!

Anyway, here are two videos on starting and stopping....enjoy!

Starting to sew...bringing up the bobbin thread and securing stitches. We recommend that you sew a few inches before trimming your threads.

Did you hear the sound of Daisy the Labradoodle on the floor during filming?

Next - stopping!

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