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Handi Quilter Maintenance - Made Easy!

Keeping your lovely longarm in tip top condition will ensure that you have years of quilting pleasure.

So, here are a few videos and reminders of what you need to do.



Clean out the bobbin area with a brush and put a drop of oil at the base of the bobbin area every time you change the bobbin.

In the photo below the whole hook and bobbin assembly has been removed from the machine to make it easier to see.

The area you need to oil may be referred to as the hook area or bobbin race. Oiling in that area ensures that the moving metal parts run smoothly.

Lay the spout of your oiler on the metal shelf and put a single drop on it. Use the oil supplied with the machine. This process should be done every time you change a bobbin!

Where to oil



Use the brush supplied with the machine to get rid of lint in the bobbin area.

You may wish to use a fine vacuum cleaner attachment such as those for computers but do not use canned air for the Sweet Sixteen, Avante, Fusion or Simply Sixteen (the only exception is the Handi Quilter Infinity where canned air is used).

Periodically also de-fluff under the stitch plate.

Remove the stitch plate with a stubby screwdriver. This video shows you how to de-fluff your stitch plate.


Handi Quilter Maintenance Video

For more information on the maintenance of your machine this video has some hints and tips.


Handi Quilter Regular Service

How often your machine needs to be serviced partly depends on how often you use it and where it is stored. Heat can dry out oils and greases so even though you may not have used it very much, if it has been kept in a warm environment such as a conservatory or garden room that gets hot in summer, your machine may not have sufficient lubrication to stop the moving metal parts inside the machine from wearing.

We recommend that if you are using your machine on a regular basis that it is serviced yearly to eighteen months. For less intensive use up to two year intervals is acceptable.

  • Your machine will be cleaned out and internally lubricated with 6 different specialist oils and greases.

  • Belt tension checked and adjusted.

  • Bearing retainers and general fixings checked for tightness.

  • Presser and needle bar adjustment checked.

  • Hook axial play and top shaft play checked.

  • Re-timed, hopping foot height checked and adjusted etc.

  • Machine tested and stitched out.

  • Service record sheet issued.

UPS pick up and return can be arranged by us and we will confirm the charge when you book your machine in as it can depend on location (e.g. Highlands and Islands and Overseas are an extra charge). Alternatively, if arranged in advance, you could drop it off with us. We will advise you how long the machine is likely to be with us. Contact us on 01386 462218 or email with your details. We will contact you to arrange machine pick up. The turnaround time is normally around 7 working days. Replacement parts (if required) will be advised before proceeding further, and charged at extra cost together with any associated labour charges. If there are any warranty issues we will discuss these with you.

We require the handlebars to be sent with the Avante, Fusion and Infinity machines as the levels of the software on different machines varies over time and it is important to test the machine with your own handlebars.

You should also return the bobbincase with a bobbin wound with your own thread. This can be useful for testing stitches out. Any other items to be returned will be discussed before you pack your machine up.

We also offer servicing in situ. This is particularly useful if you live abroad or if the machine has the Pro Stitcher computer or for the larger Handi Quilter machines such as the Fusion or Infinity. We will give you an individualised quote in this case.

At some of our training events there may be the option of servicing your machine whilst you attend one of our classes. Please discuss with us in advance if this service might be beneficial to you - you will then save the cost of shipping if you can transport the machine yourself.

The Cotton Patch Customers

If you purchased your machine from The Cotton Patch and it is still under warranty, you should contact The Cotton Patch for information on servicing and support on 0121 702 2840 or email


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