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Glide 40wt and 60wt Thread

Abigail Sheridan de Graaff is a Handi Quilter Educator and Professional Longarm Quilter. From her quilting studio in Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire Abigail uses a Handi Quilter Amara 20" longarm machine with the computerised Pro-Stitcher system to complete her own as well as customer quilts through her business Cut&Alter.

In this blog feature Abigail explores Glide 40wt and 60wt thread, the quilter's palette. But as you'll discover, Glide thread is not just for quilting.

Our Glide Thread Club launched in July 2020 - you can build the entire Glide 40wt thread collection with the 27 sets of 9 1000m cones. For more details visit the Thread Club pages on our website - Glide Thread Club.

To find out more about the services that Abigail offers you can visit her on Instagram or

For more information about Glide threads and our Glide Thread Club you can visit our online shopping basket at

where you can view and purchase the whole range of 1000m Glide 40wt thread, 5000m Glide 40wt thread and 5000m 60 wt Glide thread as well as other threads within the Filtec range.

Here's some Glide Thread Club eye candy...


Anchorage Bay Glide Thread Club Pack

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